The Society in the woods far away.

May 27, 2019


So these past few weeks I've been going through the motions, not really doing much. I used to watch a lot of netflix after my A-Levels around a year ago and I found myself searching through shows to watch again. One stuck out 'The Society'. Usually I'd look at the description and accompanying image but this time I said, no and just dived in. It was on trending so I didn't choose it at complete randomness.



Before I start talking on the show I will say there will be some spoilers so if you want to go watch it go ahead, then come back. I highly recommend you watch it before reading anything about it. 


The show takes place in Connecticut, USA with a small town called West Ham. Honestly I never paid much attention to the setting at the start but now writing my thoughts I notice how clever this setting is. It is set in New England. With the premmese of the show, creating a new society, taking the name from a current London borough 'West Ham' which does not exist in Connecticut, a slight nod to the roots of New England. Yet from here it changes, it is a teen-drama but a lot more intense and beautiful. 


I find the show explores some really meaningful stories that shows similar in tone miss the beat on completely. I find the relationship between Helena, a devout christian and Luke, the schools start quaterback beautiful to watch. There is a fine line that similar shows attempt to portray about christians and saving themselves until marriage but yet Helena will please Luke and when they come to having this moment it feels very fulfilled. 


Another scene that struck me was in the beginning when they realise it's just them, Griz, Luke and a group go to explore the outside. It is played off as a joke about Griz knowing the wild and when it comes to trouble he helps all he can but his emotions are shown to all. With Luke talking to him and his reply saying 'there is nothing I can do.' This is in episode one, it sets the tone. This will not be an everyday drama. 


The typical jock dilema. Jocks in highschool dramas are the bullys and the reason why things go south but here the Jocks are normal. Griz shows emotions all the time, Luke is one of the nicest characters with the other two Jason and Clark kind of being the normal Jock but yet they are good characters. 


The show is very similar to 'The Lord of the Files' but yet I can see how it creates it own. The writers really force these teens to grow up fast, after Cassandra's death, they try to be better than their parents but it comes up to having to kill the killer. With one of the most powerful scenes I've seen in a long time. Three guns, two with blanks and one with a bullet, so nobody will know who did it. You can see the emotions these three battle with, Griz crying and closing his eyes, Luke trying to stay calm but shaking and Jason has fear in his eyes. Ultimately they miss the first shot, which leads to Griz backing out so Allie steps in and they fire with success. Yet afterwards its quiet, they sit in silence, leading into Luke not being able to sleep and asking Helena to marry him. 

It is true fear that is shown in this show, the bad guys are evil but yet everyone tries to be just, they have to surpress emotions to become better. They have to grow up to survive. 


The Society is one of the best shows out there right now. 








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