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April 22, 2019



Social media these days holds a great influence on our lives. You can see in the streets people updating theirs to keep people informed on what they are doing in the world, to gloat or to just be happy and save the memory. But this effect of instant gratification is dangerous to the human mind as seeing the likes tick up and up our brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter which makes us feel happy. This psychologically causes us to want to get the dopamine fix more and more so we post more to see the likes tick. Obviously, this has a negative affect but there is also a different side to social media, a darker side. 

With the birth of instant media people see things as they happen, someone may rise and fall in week, relevancy becomes an issue. Everyone wants to become successful in life but the world seems more pressured to succeed in your youth rather than when you’re of age. There are millions of young celebrities now which can all seemingly be seen as a carbon copy of each other, being of a similar age it pressures younger people to feel they have failed if they don’t have a million dollars by the time their 23. 

I can say from personal experience I’ve witnessed this. It’s one of the weirdest but heart-breaking things to watch a friend do everything to try and become popular but then to fall down and feel like his time on the earth is up because he didn’t achieve the 100,000 followers he so dreamed of. 


So why? Humans have always acted on a social hierarchy ever since we began society. The popular people rose to the top and led us to ‘victory.’ Kings and Queens were killed at the stake if the majority did not like them. It is just a popularity contest in the end, and the popular end up living the best life. Yet I find the opposite. I find in the world the people who chase what they love will be the most successful and happy. The saying ‘Find something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life,’ stands out to me as I grow on. I always thought a 9-5 job seemed bad but then I saw the happiness on people’s faces as they socialised after work about the meeting they just had, how they could do better what is install for next week it was almost inspiring. I know most of the people I witnessed weren’t incredible famous on social media but yet they didn’t seemed pressured to be successful because they was happy. Their brains were happy. 




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