April 1, 2019



The term “Invaders” is an old word born from the old world of imperialism and expansion. One country would invade another to take their lands or increase their wealth, through pillaging or enslaving. Moving to the current day the term is now described by the far-right as “non-white” conspirators who come to a western country and take over, they “Invade and conquer.” This is an exploded part of the Great Replacement Theory, brought about Renaud Camus. In short the Great Replacement is that the white populous of Europe/The Western World are systematically being replaced by non-western persons who migrated from primarily islamic countries through demographic growth and unregulated boarder control. An example would be the mass of Africans arriving on the European south coast by boat, moving through Europe to Calais and crossing into the UK by hiding among transport lorries. You may also check out this video by Lauren Southern. Why am I discussing this topic today? Well as a agnostic white westerner who has numerous friends from multiple different cultures I find this theory to be curious but also very paranoid of the east. 


My first exposure to the theory was actually through the Christchurch tragedy. A week later the monster’s manifesto was released, one article which struck me was by The Intercept. With this paragraph ;


The document is based on a key underlying premise known as the “Great Replacement” theory: that nonwhite people living in Western countries are aliens on a mission to plunder and replace the populations of Europe and North America. In the faces of immigrants trying to raise families and build peaceful homes, Tarrant sees unarmed invaders bent on conquering his racially pristine homeland. There are no individuals in his worldview, just faceless masses of “us” and “them.” The latter group is to be kept at a distance at all costs. He approvingly cites the deterrent effect of killing their children.


I do find irony in the fact that he, a white man in New Zealand, is afraid of “Invaders” but in turn he, himself is an Invader through imperialism and mainly the British Empire. Yes he is not the man who invaded New Zealand and colonised the indigenous population but descents from the Invaders. 


So why? Well the theory has ground. Talking about a jump in migration from the pre-2000s to the current day and argument can be made that there are more immigrants in the west than previous, or at least the number is increasing. The theory can be pushed under the ‘Islamophobia’ umbrella, which I’m not undermining this phobia is very apparent in the speakers of the theory, using the assumptions that all islamic believers are terrorists and wish to destroy the west. Growing up in my town, which I’ve spoken on prior, the majority of my friends in early life were of white origin which would mix with the amount of white to non-white pupils in my primary school. I feel that at such a young age prejudice is quite rare but there are examples of racism when growing up. Moving into secondary school I mixed with more non-white students, with all of the islamic believers in my year group being put in my class, most of them went to the same school so they already knew each other. This is when I experienced my first piece of racism/islamophobia, which caught me off guard. I myself am ‘liberal,’ I don’t really know where I align but I prefer to spread peace and joy rather than point fingers and isolate people. I remember the situation, me and my friends were walking to their home and a gentleman on a bench was shouting towards us but we hadn’t noticed then we heard him as we got closer exclaiming “you don’t belong here, go back to where you came from.” This was two years before the Brexit vote. To me I was shocked and appalled how my friends just was spoken to, these families who are top doctors in our town and have welcomed me with open arms are spoken to this way. 

The Brexit vote in the UK hasn’t led to huge violence against islamic people or mass shootings but there is a major stigma in the country. When I leave London and head around the smaller towns you can just feel a less accepting atmosphere. When I wear clothes that I would wear causally in London, in my hometown I’m ‘showing off’ or I do get a lot of looks like I’m showing off. Yes this doesn’t directly translate into racism or islamophobia, but listening to my family talk about ‘foreigners’ I can feel the xenophobia in the town.


Back on the theory I believe personally that it is very ludicrous to assume that if one culture begins to arrive in one place it will force out the other. Yes with the birthrate of white to non-white in 2066 British caucasian’s will be classified as a minority whoever is that a bad thing? From studying media, I have noticed that post war media companies in East Germany did not just disappear after the far of the Soviet Union, they formed with the western media companies and become something new. Germany is a completely different country than England because of the history and how they formed and were created. So the prediction would see a cultural mix, much like London. People begin celebrate other festivals, personally I celebrated Chinese New Year with my friends, they celebrated Guido Fawkes night with me, the cultural mix brings about a new world and acceptance for all. Yes I am a more open person than usual person, but I feel that younger people are more like me than the older more xenophobic population.


Another issue I find when people talk of their country being invaded, is that they tend to glorify the older days. They talk of how great the country used to be but yet in the UK in the 1970s we had an economic crisis, subtle racism was always apparent, even with the abolishment of slavery. The retired generation carry this subtle racism, because that is how they was brought up, it is hard to change a rock than a piece of clay. But yes racism has got a lot better, the world is a lot better. We are at a world low of global conflict, but again this is beginning to rise again, with the allegations against certain races and more on. There is an aspect that Southern (in the video) talks on which is that europeans are ashamed of their history and wished to be replaced. The second part of this is untrue but the first seemingly is true. In the UK we tend to be a lot more self-deprecating in our humour, we tend to make fun of our country and hate on ourselves. Yes, this is comedy but there are a lot of weight because it tends to reflect the world around us, we are guilty for somethings. Social media these days does force white people to be guilty about the past which yes I agree that is a little to much but we should know the past that our past generations have done, so we do not repeat those mistakes.  


But as the world attempts to progress and become better, I pray these kind of theories do not influence lawmakers into creating a world where people feel isolated and fear the white man again.


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